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Manchester Cathedral, formally the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George in Manchester, England, is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Manchester, seat of the bishop and the city's parish church

 Dates  Event Cert Who
 July 1836  Marriage  button  James Maguire - Ann Atherton
1836 Baptism button Joseph Collier Maguire
 18 Oct 1840  Baptism  button  Henry Hunt Fergus Maguire
1st. January 1866 Marriage button Mary Ellen Maguire - John Jones
 23 Mar 1873  Baptism  button  Mary Ellen Maguire
ststephenSt Stephens. Founded in 1794. Closed in 1956. The site of St Stephen’s church is a small park between Trinity Way and St Stephens St.
 Dates  Event  Cert  Who
 26 Apr 1893  Marriage  button  Mary Ellen Maguire - John Downey
 04 Jul 1893  Marriage  button  Edmund Maguire - Mary Jane Taylor
 25 Dec 1894  Marriage  button  Matilda Maguire - John Bishop


Sacred TrinitySacred Trinity, Chapel Street, Salford Central. The oldest church in Salford. Built in 1635 Originally built as a chapel-of-ease.
Most of the current building dates from 1752 Sir Humphrey Booth raised the money for the original church. His grandson, also Humphrey Booth, set up a trust to maintain the church and help the ‘poor of Salford’.
 Dates Event  Cert  Who
22 April 1866 Baptism button Henry Maguire
 16 Oct 1870  Baptism  button  Matilda Maguire


St Andrews St Andrew’s Church, Travis Street, was consecrated in 1831, when the area was still open with fields, rather than houses around.  The church itself was built of stone and could seat 2000 people.  Its clock tower was a local landmark.
The situation changed throughout the second half of the nineteenth century with the industrial development of Manchester, and the building of rows of terraced housing, and soon afterwards factories and workshops.  As the nineteenth century progressed, the congregation changed from being a relatively wealthy one to one that represented the poorer elements of the community.
Even so, the church had a thriving Sunday school, with an average attendance of 450.  An 1877 survey of the parishes of Manchester reported that St Andrew’s was amongst the poorest both in terms of its permanent income, and its weekly collection.  The church was finally demolished in 1961 by which time there was hardly anyone living in the parish.
 Date  Event  Cert  Who
 6 June 1900  Marriage  button  Thomas Maguire - Eleanor Steele Taylor


Irwell Street Wesleyan Methodist, Salford, Lancashire, England Irwell Street Wesleyan Methodist, Salford
The Irwell Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel used to sit on the west side of Irwell Street in Salford close to the corner with chapel Street.  It was one of the chapels that formed part of the Manchester and Salford Wesleyan Methodist Mission.  It was apparently founded in 1815.
 Date Event  Cert  Who
6 June1900 Marriage button Thomas Maguire - Eleanor Steele Taylor
 17 Oct 1838  Baptism  button  Esther Ann Hopwood - née Maguire



stthomasardwickSt. Thomas's  Church Ardwick.
A Grade II Georgian church. The original church was built in 1741, but it was enlarged in 1777 and again in 1831, and the tower was added in 1836. The campanile-style tower is rather out of character with the rest of the building. The church became redundant in 1978 and was later converted into office space. Today it is the St. Thomas' Centre managed by the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation. The Main Hall can accommodate 140 people and there are six other meeting rooms each with a capacity of 30 people.
 Date Event  Cert  Who
 1869 Marriage  button  Joseph Collier Maguire - Francis Moody
stsimonSt Simon, Salford
It was founded in 1846. It closed in 1926. St Simon, Salford was created as a district church in the year 1845. It was one of approximately ten such district churches built to handle the burgeoning growth of population in that township. It lay within the civil parish boundaries of Manchester St Mary and St Denys (The Cathedral Church). The first stone was laid March 24th, 1845 an ecclesiastical parish was assigned to it, out of [Sacred] Trinity district
 Date Event Cert Who
1860 Marriage  x  Henry Hunt Fergus Maguire - Esther Ann Hopwood
StMarytheVirginEcclesSt Mary's Church, was in medieval times, the centre of a large ecclesiastical parish containing Pendleton, Pendlebury, Clifton, Swinton, Worsley and Barton-upon-Irwell. To the west the parish covered a portion of Chat Moss to the River Glaze and was bounded by the River Irwell to its north and east. The church is of ancient origin and was the only church in the parish for several hundred years. A church has occupied its site since Norman times, and probably before then. The church contains few remains of its earliest incarnation, but the tower base and west end of the north aisle are from the 13th century. The 14th century structure was enlarged in the 15th century and the chancel was reconstructed in the 16th century and rebuilt in 1862 by J P Holden.
 Date Event Cert Who
 1833  Marriage  button  James Marquis Maguire - Ann Stretch