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Matilda Maguire 1834 - 1890


Matilda Maguire

1834 - 1890



David Sharman






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     Matilda Ann Maguire - Father: James Marquis Maguire 1813-1866  Mother: Ann Stretch 1814-1871


Name Born Where Baptism Cert Died Where Cert Married Spouse Date Where Cert Children Born
Matilda Ann Maguire 1834 Salford Cathedral Manchester button 1890 Ormskirk  x yes David Sharman 1869  St.Simon,Salford button  x  x


Census 1841   Davies Street, Salford
Census 1851  77 Revald Street, Salford
Census 1861 Note: Matilda Sharman née Maguire & Husband David Sharman. Resident in the house of James Marquis Maguire
Census 1871 Note: Nephew James Maguire is recorded as resident
Census 1881 Note Sister Amelia Maguire is recorded as resident

{tab Census 1841}

 Census Date  Address  Map  Family  Status  Age  Occupation
1841  Davies Street, Salford    James Marquis  Head  29 Block Printer
       Ann  Wife  25  Needle Winder
       Joseph Collier  Son  5  x
       Henry  Son  9 months  x
       Matilda  Daughter  7  x
       Emma Stretch  Sister-in-Law  16  Weaver
       Mary Topping  ?  20  x


{tab Census 1851}

 Census Date  Address  Map  Family  Status  Age  Occupation
1851  77 Revald Street, Salford    James Marquis  Head  38  Block Printer
       Ann  Wife  37  Needle Winder
       Joseph Collier Son  14  x
        Matilda  Daughter  10  x
       Henry Fergus Hunt  Son  10  x
       Thomas Hunt Fergus  Son  8  x
      William Son  5  x
      Mary Ellen  Daughter  3  x
      Emma Sister-in-law  26  Weaver
      Mary Topping ? ?  x

{tab Census 1861}

 Census Date  Address  Map  Family  Status  Age  Occupation
1861  77 Revald Street, Salford    James Marquis  Head  48  Block Printer
       Ann  Wife  47  Needle Winder
       Joseph Collier Son  25  Venetian Blind Maker
        George  Son  22  Printer
       Thomas Hunt Fergus  Son  18  Shoemaker
       William  Son 15  Mechanic
       Mar Ellen  Son  13  x
      Amelia Daughter 6 x
      David Sharman  Son-in-Law  27  Labourer
      Mathilda Daughter  24  x

{tab Census 1871}

 Census Date  Address  Map  Family  Status  Age  Occupation
1871  66 London Road, Manchester    David Sharman  Head 39  Railway Porter
       Matilda  Wife  36  Milliner
       James Maguire Nephew  14 Telegraph Messenger

{tab Census 1881}

 Census Date  Address  Map  Family  Status  Age  Occupation
1881  17, Hope Street, Southport   David Sharman Head  48  Linesman Railways
      Matilda Wife  46 x
      Amelia Maguire Sister-in-Law  26 Domestic Servant 
      David Sharman Amelia's Son  4 months x
      Samuel Phillips  Border  25  Guard Railways
      John Walmsley  Border  22  Porter Railways
      Lawrence Critchley  Border  21  Guard Railways
       Owen Lloyd  Border  21  Fireman Railways